List of sessions

  1. Model Theory
  2. Number Theory
  3. Projective Varieties and their Arrangements
  4. Algebraic Geometry
  5. Algebraic Geometry and Interdisciplinary Applications
  6. Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
  7. Group Theory
  8. Geometric Function and Mapping Theory
  9. Complex Analysis and Geometry
  10. Optimization, Microstructures, and Applications to Mechanics
  11. Variational and Set-valued Methods in Differential Problems
  12. Topological Methods and Boundary Value Problems
  13. Variational Problems and Nonlinear PDEs
  14. Nonlinear Variational Methods with Applications
  15. Advances in Kinetic Theory
  16. Mathematical Modelling for Complex Systems: Seeking New Frontiers
  17. Advances in Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs: from local to nonlocal problems
  18. Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Related Function Spaces
  19. Nonlinear Diffusion Problems
  20. Geometric Properties of Solutions of PDEs and Nonlocal Equations
  21. New Perspectives in Singular Hamiltonian Systems
  22. Ergodic Theory and Topological Dynamics
  23. Hutchinson-Barnsley Theory of Fractals
  24. Harmonic Analysis
  25. Nonlinear Operators, Approximation Algorithms for Operator Equations and Related Problems
  26. Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis, Noncommutative Probability and Quantum Groups
  27. Topology and Logic in Algebra and Functional Analysis
  28. Operator Theory, Operator Algebras and Applications
  29. Operator Semigroups: New Challenges and Applications
  30. Set Theory and Topology
  31. Computational Aspects of Applied Topology
  32. Geometric Aspects of Applied Topology
  33. Geometric Topology, Manifolds, and Group Actions
  34. Stochastic Analysis and Nonlocal PDEs
  35. Financial Mathematics
  36. Differential Inclusions and Controlled Systems
  37. Stochastic Models of Molecular Anomalous Diffusion and Fractional Dynamics
  38. Probability Measures - Structures, Identification and Characterizations
  39. Dependence Modelling and Copulas
  40. Challenges and Methods of Modern Statistics
  41. Recent Advances in Numerical Modeling for Differential Problems
  42. Computational Mathematics: Discrepancy and Complexity
  43. Quantitative Techniques for Complex Real-Life Applications
  44. Multiscale Models in Mathematical Biology